McAllister gets Trojan offer

Danville (CA.) Monte Vista HS athlete Drew McAllister is ready to make his decision, and the three-star prospect has narrowed his list of suitors down to two, USC and Cal.

McAllister recently attended the Rising Stars Camp held on the University of Southern California campus, where he impressed the coaching staff enough to earn a scholarship offer from the Trojans.

"I've been talking to USC since the end of last year," said McAllister. "That's when I was primarily playing quarterback, and both Cal and USC decided to go different ways in terms of recruiting that position. They (USC) liked me as an athlete and wanted to see me at a different spot, so I came down to the Rising Stars Camp. I played a little defensive back last year, so I went to the camp and did pretty well."

McAllister had a chance to speak with the Trojan coaching staff following the camp, and they had nothing but positive things to say about the converted quarterback prospect.

"I talked to coach Ruel following the camp," said McAllister. "I've known him for about a year now, because he is in charge of recruiting my area. I spoke with him on the phone for the first fifteen minutes, and then he handed the phone over to coach Carroll. He was telling me that he really liked what he saw at the camp and he wanted to offer me a scholarship."

The Trojans offer was the second in two weeks for McAllister, who also received an offer from Cal the previous week. The offer from the Trojans was a big one, and the Monte Vista HS standout had this to say about his recent offer.

"I was very excited," explained McAllister. "I've wanted to play there (USC) for a long time. I got an offer from Cal a week before the USC offer, and that was a big one too. Getting an offer from USC was really big though, they have the best program in the country and they get the best athletes every year. What else can you ask for?"

Although safety may not have been his primary position to this point, McAllister is open to making the switch to the defensive side of the ball at the next level.

"I don't have a preference," answered McAllister when asked if he preferred quarterback or safety. "My sophomore year was the only year I played quarterback exclusively. Other then that, I've played defense my whole life. Now that I've played safety more I like it a lot better. Playing quarterback helps me on defense, because sometimes I feel like I know what's coming."

There are plenty of cases to be made for choosing either of his final two schools, and McAllister will sit down next week and make a decision on his college future.

"At Cal I have a pretty good relationship with coach Tedford," he said. "He has two sons at my high school, and one of them is in my same grade. I like their (Cal) program a lot, and ever since he (coach Tedford) got there, they have been going up. Education is another big thing with me, and both USC and Cal have great schools."

"I love the way the coaches coach at SC," he said. "They're so enthusiastic and the way that they run their program is different then any other school in the country. Nobody says anything about it, but there is definitely a silent confidence around everything they do."

McAllister undoubtedly faces a tough decision, explaining to what the process of making a decision between the two schools is like.

"I'm going to wait until my coach gets back this weekend," said McAllister. "Then we'll write-up the pros and cons of each school. We'll compare the coaches and see what other players they have in their system. I'll look at what type of players they recruit and depth charts. Both schools actually have a lot of guys leaving around the time I would get to school or the following year."

Will it be Cal or USC? McAllister had this to say about his upcoming decision.

"Both Cal and USC told me that I was the first safety they've offered," he said. "They both told me that they were going to wait and see what I do before offering anyone else. I've had a few guys from my school go to Cal over the last few years, which is nice. Its also closer home, but that's not something that's big for me. I have a ton of family in L.A., and my godfather graduated from USC. Its (USC) like a home away from home for me." will keep you up-to-speed on McAllister and his upcoming decision. Top Stories