MMQB report

The MMQB met today to have lunch and hear a report from coach Pete Carroll. Town & Gown was set up with 15 tables for 10 and nearly all seats were full. The Trojans who went to the game with whom I spoke were very complimentary about the hospitality they received from the KSU fans. They also reported that the stadium crowd was dedicated, disciplined and very into their team. PC in his remarks seemed to feel that the atmosphere projected by the crowd did in fact help K-State in the game.

I'm always interested in how coaches present themselves after a tough loss like this one. Ted Tollner and Larry Smith were mostly quite good but there were occasions when they became quite defensive and made excuses. John Robinson had an interesting technique, he would start his remarks by attacking the poor performance in terms that were much more severe than any Trojan rooter would ever use in an open meeting. This diffused the issues and so negative comments from the audience became unnecessary. Pete Carroll just stays positive and explains why certain things happened. On some questions he admits shortcomings in performance but usually he reveals information that provides real answers. His candor makes attendance at MMQB worth the effort.

In accordance with the policy of not quoting the coach, my report will be my own impressions of his presentation in my own words. PC started with a tape of several plays from our offense. They included some runs and some passes and since they were our best plays, we looked quite good. He felt that the wind played a factor but he was not using that as an excuse. He does give reasons why things happened like having no time left on play-clock right after a time out. It seems that is a time keeping idiosyncrasy of that ref.

In the showing of plays by our defense he remarked about several missed tackles. He showed a lot of plays where KSU made good yardage out of broken plays and he gave KSU credit for being a good, tough and well-coached opponent. Those of us, who have heard him many times, not just at MMQB, know that he is very proud of teaching what he calls "scoop and score". Troy's blocking of the punt at the end of the 2nd quarter and Patterson's scoop recovery and score was shown as an example of how that works.

The Q&A period was quite long with several excellent questions. Nothing hostile was said. From his answers, I believe that Killeen has the inside track to kick this Saturday and that he is inclined to stick with Malone on punts. Several questions were asked about play selection and the "holding" used by KSU on pass coverage. His answers generally explained that none of that came as a surprise and he described the plays that were designed to negate that approach - we just didn't execute.

Yes, he did talk about Oregon State and I won't get into that other than to say he feels they will be a tough opponent and the team can't wait to play this game.

He did not have new information on the condition of Ronald Nunn although a "get well" card was passed from table to table for everyone to sign.

You have to like PC's positive attitude. He is such a competitor that he'd like to play KSU again. He does predict that they will do quite well in the Big12 this year. Top Stories