Recruit to watch: Salo Faraimo

WEARESC: Can you give me your list of top schools?

SALO: USC, UW, Ore, CU, Az., Utah


WEARESC: Do you have offers from all those schools?

SALO: The only offers I have are from SC and UW.


WEARESC: What do you like about USC?

SALO: Well, I've been up there. I went to one of their games. I really got into their program. I've met the coaches and talked to the coaches, so I just think it's a good fit for me.


WEARESC: Tell me a little about the other schools

SALO: All of them have really good football programs, especially Oregon with their defense. I really like defensive schools.


WEARESC: Would you say you have a leader amongst those schools?

SALO: Right now, I would say, in order, SC, UW, Ore.


WEARESC: How has your team done so far?

SALO: We're 2-0 right now, and our biggest win so far has been Helix.


WEARESC: So how did Reggie Bush do against your team?

SALO: He had 10 carries for 15 yards.


WEARESC: Wow, did you get to tackle him? 

SALO: Yeah, I got him a couple times, so that was pretty cool.


WEARESC: Can you give me your HT, WT, 40 time?

SALO: 6-0, 202, 4.6


WEARESC: What do you think are your strengths?

SALO: My speed, I think I have pretty good feet, my tackling and my ability to read offenses.


WEARESC: So when will you be taking your trips?

SALO: Oh that will have to come after my season is done.


WEARESC: Do you think you could commit early?

SALO: No, I think I am going to wait until signing day. Top Stories