Kyle Moore - Ready for the Big Time

Junior Kyle Moore played as a true freshman and sophomore the past two seasons, and now he's slated as the starting defensive end opposite Lawrence Jackson. Moore, who was recruited out of Georgia, talks about his expectations for the team and for himself this year.

Kyle Moore announced his decision to attend USC on Fox Sports South's Countdown to Signing Day. A highly recruited defensive end out of Houston County High School in Georgia, Moore surprised some people when he decided to attend USC across the country, but knowing a little about Moore's background, it shouldn't have surprised too many people that Moore might not be adverse to a cross country trip.

"I was born in Germany on American soil at the Base there. I moved to Texas when I was four and stayed out there for about nine years. My dad was stationed at Fort Bliss. We moved to Georgia when I was in the 7th grade and have been there ever since."

Choosing a school across the country then wasn't much of an issue for a genuine Army Brat.

"Moving wasn't a big deal. I'm from Georgia, but I wasn't really from Georgia. I traveled a lot when I was younger doing Junior Olympics. We'd go to Seattle, Houston... even though I didn't live there, I always wanted to see different places. I have aunties and uncles out here [in Los Angeles], so it was a good place for me to come."

Always personable, Moore didn't have much trouble making friends at USC.

"My roommate is Sedrick Ellis. Fili Moala, Lawrence Jackson, and the whole D-Line, we click real good. Everson Griffen is the freshman, and I'm trying to take him under my wing, trying to show him the ropes a little bit. My best friend is Patrick Turner, we came in together, him being from Tennessee. Fred Davis is another guy I clicked with real good. Those are the main guys I've really bonded with since I've been here."

Currently at 6-6 and 270 pounds, Moore strikes and imposing figure from his defensive end spot, and he is looking forward to rewarding the coaches faith in switching defenses this year.

"To keep this 4-3 and keep this defense as strong as it was last year," answered Moore when asked what his goals were for the team this year. "Last year we ran a 3-4 defense, and this year we're running a 4-3. Hopefully we'll have another wild-bunch defensive line and get a lot more sacks this year," said Moore with a laugh. "Last year a lot of sacks didn't come from the D-Line, and we're trying to change that this year."

The move to the 4-3 should help free up the defensive linemen to create more havoc in the opposing offensive backfield, and Moore is looking forward to being a big contributor for his junior and senior seasons.

"We open with Idaho, we haven't really looked at any film yet. The first couple of weeks is really for the young guys to get them to have the plays memorized."

On the prospect of playing four years for the Trojans.

"I'll be here all four years. I want to get two years on the playing field. I don't want to go anywhere; I love it here anyway. I love the college environment too." Top Stories