Mitch Mustain - At Home in LA

Mitch Mustain was's #1 Ranked quarterback prospect in the Class of 2006. He had a big year at Arkansas as a true freshman, and is settling in well after a much publicized transfer to USC.

Newcomers to USC's football program are no strangers to media scrutiny and high expectations, but even still, Mitch Mustain is not the ordinary newcomer. 

After a record breaking performance as a true freshman at the University of Arkansas, Mustain transferred to USC. Having played so close to home, Mustain is settling in nicely on the left coast with his new teammates. He will use his redshirt year while sitting out a mandatory season because of the trasnfer.

Does knowing that he is forced to sit out this year take some of the pressure off as compared to his true freshman season at Arkansas where he started eight straight games?

"It does a little bit," said Mustain after practice on Tuesday, "but then it's only until the fall is over, then I've got to be ready to compete."

Having played at a high level of college football already, Mustain has higher expectations of himself than the typical college freshman.

"I think it's been frustrating,  maybe a little bit more so than for the new guys, because I've been there before. Now I'm having to learn a whole new deal, and I'm kind of expecting it to come a little quicker. So it's been hard the last two or three days, but hopefully it'll click pretty soon."

"I like it here, it's everything I was expecting. I'm having to learn a lot real fast and wipe out everything I've learned in the past. I'm kind of to the point where I'm having to work through it. But it's good, and I'm ready to eventually get it down and know what I'm doing."

A U.S. Army All-American, Mustain's transition has been made easier having played with several USC Trojans before.

"There are guys here that I've played  and known a little bit before. We fit together real well, We've worked hard through the summer; we're ready to go, I just have to get familiar with the receivers and what all we're doing."

There is a wealth of talent on the field for Mustain to throw the ball to, but he's no stranger to top receivers as Marcus Monk, while less known than some others across the country, is every bit as talented. At 6-6 and 230 pounds, Monk and the Trojans' Patrick Turner (6-5/230) have a lot in common.

"They're similar," said Mustain when asked to compare Turner to Monk. "Monk is bigger; he's got long arms, and he's able to reach around and grab a lot of stuff. 'PT' has some versatility to him. Monk has his big games, and he's proved time and again he can catch the balls. They're a little bit different styles. Monk is probably able to grab some out of the air that others couldn't."

The Trojans have an embarrassment of talent at the quarterback position including three former No. 1 players (John David Booty '03, Mark Sanchez '05, Mustain '06) and a fourth 5-Star (Aaron Corp '07). With all of this talent in the offensive backfield, where does Mustain see the short term future of the team, and his long term future with the team?

"For the team, I think the next six months it'd be a little disappointing if we didn't win a championship. We've got to keep working for that. For myself, I'm going to take it as it comes. I've got a lot to learn in the next six months before we get going next spring. I really can't project where I'll be. I'd hope to eventually get the [starting] job and go on from there."

"But if not I just gotta keep fighting for it and see what happens." Top Stories