Charles Brown - Ready to Step Up

Listed as the No. 2 right tackle on the USC depth chart, most teams wish they had a starting left tackle as talented as Charles Brown. With an injury to starter Drew Radovich, Brown talks about running with the No. 1s and summer practice so far.

A very common phrase heard at the NFL draft every year when discussing offensive tackles is "former tight end".

Now, we're not putting redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Charles Brown into the NFL just yet, but the former No. 10 ranked Tight End in the country coming out of high school, has the look of a player that has that type of potential.

Brown arrived to USC out of Diamond Ranch High School as a 6-6/250 tight end, but in his three years at USC he has developed into a svelte 6-6/306 pound monster at the offensive tackle position.

Drew Radovich is listed No. 1 on the depth chart at right tackle, but he has been bothered with an injury during practice this week, and it has given Brown a chance to work with the first unit and show what he can do.

What he has shown is that most teams around the country wish they had a starter at the more coveted left tackle position that was as good as the Trojans' No. 2 right tackle.

"Everything is coming together good," said Brown after practice Friday night. "I was just trying to get the plays the first two days. I've been working with Chilo (senior right guad Chilo Rachal) after practice going over the plays and getting the calls down."

Even in a short period of time from Monday to Friday, Brown can feel a big difference in his knowledge of the system and his confidence on the field.

"I feel a big difference. I feel real confident out here. I feel I can do pretty much anything as long as me and Chilo get the calls right."

Rachal has really taken Brown under his wing to help him learn the ropes, but it's obvious from talking to Brown that he respect the offensive line unit as a whole.

"The whole O-Line," answered Brown when asked if he was getting some help from his teammates. "We work together, but the leaders right now would be Chilo and Sam Baker."

Brown looks to be in excellent condition. He has the look of a 270 pounder rather than a 300 pounder, but it could have all been lost this summer. A lesson that Brown learned and has taken to heart.

"Summer was real good, I got a lot better in my conditioning. I had to miss a week because I had a jet-ski accident and messed my leg up. I'm done with them now."

When I asked him if he had heard about the jet-ski accident that claimed the life of New England Patriot Marquis Hill, Brown nodded.

"That was the same week as my accident.. I'm done with 'em. We sold them."

Brown was very complimentary of several players that he has lined up against so far when asked if anyone he has faced has stood out.

"Everybody really," answered Brown. "They're all doing good, but LJ (Lawrence Jackson), Kyle Moore, and the freshman, I forgot his name... number 93... he's pretty good," laughed Brown in reference to ultra-talented Everson Griffen who the Trojan team seems to take heart in making sure his head doesn't get too big."

Brown sees a lot of players that are newcomers to the field that he thinks can help the Trojans win some games this year.

"Everson, Joe McKnight, Will Harris, I know he's not a freshman but this is really his first year out there, and  he's been pretty good. I like Stafon Johnson too; I think he's been stepping up real good."

As far as his own season goes, Brown feels he's ready for the challenge of being the starter at right tackle should the Trojans need him.

"You put me at the position, and I'll get the job done."

Through the first week of practice, Brown hasn't shown any reason to doubt his word. Top Stories