Saturday Practice - Photo Report and SCPlaybook were at both practices on Saturday to bring you some terrific images, including a monster collision between two star freshmen.

Sedrick Ellis has been the Trojans' best defensive lineman through camp.

Redshirt sophomore Averell Spicer backs up Ellis, and has had a solid week of practice of his own.

Chilo Rachal (right) works against Lawrence Jackson

Alatini Malu says to freshman Christian Tupou, "not this time kid"

The team's most consistent receiver to this point, Patrick Turner turns upfield after a catch.

Ronald Johnson wasn't really walking on air, it just seemed like it as fast as he was moving after making this catch in the seam.

For all the attention the tailbacks get, it's been fullback Stanley Havili that has been USC's best back this summer.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez struggled a bit on Thursday and Friday, but he was sharp during both practices on Saturday.

Sophomore running back Emmanuel Moody has looked impressive running the ball.

Junior Middle Linebacker Rey Maualuga is an All-American Candidate.

Freshman quarterback Aaron Corp got a lot of work Saturday afternoon and looked comfortable in the role of USC quarterback.

There is a noticeable difference when David Buehler is kicking the ball as opposed to anyone else on the team. The ball sounds different, and it explodes off of his foot. Buehler will be a weapon on special teams for USC.

The hardest working, least recognized men and women on the field are the football managers. They run from drill to drill lugging around equipment from one field to the next. They bust their tails for USC football. If you ever get to meet a USC manager, thank them for what they do, because they don't get near the recognition from the media and fans for the contributions they make to the program.

Travon Patterson (pictured) will miss about  a week of practice with a toe injury. He swapped jerseys with Patrick Turner Saturday afternoon as Turner showed support for his injured teammate.

In this next series of pictures, you'll get to see why Broderick Green can be such a weapon with the ball in his hands. Here phenom linebacker Chris Galipo has Green squared up for the hit.

Green lowers his shoulder in anticipation of the impact.

Green leaves Galipo on the ground to the amazement of the backup quarterbacks in the background. Green was not in his full pads yet, so Galipo was not allowed to take on the big running back low, he might next time, but regardless, this may be a terrific battle to watch the next several years as these two big freshman butt heads on a regular basis. Round 1 went to Green, but I wouldn't count Galipo out for Round 2.

*Photos by Kevin Carden of SCPlaybook and Scott Kennedy of Top Stories