Carroll locker room quotes after victory

Coach Pete Carroll comments on the Trojans 22-0 victory over the Oregon State Beavers in this locker room interview with KMPC radio:

Petros "Coach, you couldn't have expected this type of dominant performance against a very strong Oregon State offense?"

Carroll "Well, we didn't know.  I thought they had enough big play in em that they could pop some plays here and there but they couldnt get anything going.  We also wanted to stop the run and beat up the quarterback and I kind of feel like we did cause that poor guy was limping throughout the whole second half.  Really our success on defense was focused on the front, Ed Orgeron's guys were wild today with that four man rush.  We didn't have to do anything special, we didn't blitz too much, we just cut them loose because they really had it going today."

Petros "Special teams seemed to be shored up today."

Carroll "Tommy Malone did a very nice job, we can't expect to him to hit that kick short yet, all he knows is to kick it hard and long.  Ryan Kileen, what a great day he had.  He booted the ball like crazy, the only one he missed he scuffed it, but other than that he was right on the money and he kicked off extremely well.  The high kickoffs we did a couple times were perfectly positioned.  He had a big time game for us."

Petros "Pete and Paul, this defensive coach is in a pretty good mood so you could probably ask him anything."

Arbogast "Do you have tonight's lottery numbers?"

Carroll "I don't need em right now."

McDonald "How do you think the corners played tonight?"

Carroll "I'm jacked up about William Buchanan surviving this football game, they had some good receivers but he played on the line of scrimmage the whole day and you didn't hear a peep out of him.  That's a great days work for William.  Darrell Rideaux has really put together four excellent games for us, he's playing lights out right now but for William to step up is really big.  He's 6-3, he'll be able to play against those big, tall guys on the schedule and we really needed somebody who could do that.  Darrell, he couldn't do that, he would need a stepladder or something so we needed somebody to come on up and do that and William really came through.  That's a big time come through for us."

McDonald "Talk about the performance of the offense."

Carroll "Having the ball for over 37 minutes, that's unbelievable, that's balling.  Norm and I were talking early in the game saying "let's not make any mistakes here and I don't think they're gonna score."  We just had that sense and once we got to 13-0 then we knew we had a good shot at winning the football game.  The six point lead, that's not too big, we needed to get more than that.  It was just a good team game, a good hard-nosed football game."

McDonald "Is there anything you weren't happy with tonight?"

Carroll "No, I loved it.  It was great.  We even had a little rain in Southern California."

Arbogast "Did the weather cause you to do anything different?"

Carroll "No, we had one snap where the ball was just juiced and it went shooting out of there.  It was a little slick, you saw them have some troubles with the football today.  I'm really proud of all our receivers and running backs who took care of the football, that's good stuff."

Arbogast "Justin Fargas had a streak where he really had it going."

Carroll "Yeah, I was really disappointed we didn't pop one today, I figured if we kept hammering away we could pop one but it just didn't happen.  The attitude, the approach and the mix of run and pass was fine today because when you've got the defense playing that way you don't need to do a whole lot, just don't screw it up." Top Stories