Chris Galippo - Making his Mark

Coming out of Servite High School, Chris Galippo was the top rated high school linebacker in the nation last year by Not only was Galippo a top recruit, but he also served as a top recruiter for USC. After practice Saturday, Galippo explained why he was so dedicated to bringing other top prospects to USC.

"I wanted to surround myself with other special players in my class," said Chris Galippo. "Obviously, with my passion for USC, I wanted to draw some good talent."

Galippo was very successful in his efforts to help the Trojans secure another star studded recruiting class. ranked the Trojan Class 2nd in the country overall, and 1st in the country in average star rating per recruit.

Gailippo was one of 10 five star recruits in the Classs of 2007 that also included running backs Joe McKnight and Marc Tyler, offensive linemen Martin Coleman and Kristopher O'Dowd, defensive linemen Everson Griffen and Da'John Harris, quarterback Aaron Corp, athlete Ronald Johnson, and safety Marshall Jones.

At USC, Galippo joins a linebacker unit that is widely considered the nation's best. Galippo explained the transition from being a star in high school to competing against the best in college football. "As a linebacker in high school, if you're athletic you can get away with a lot of things. Here, it's very challenging to even make the simplest play that you made in high school."

Galippo is joined in this year's freshman class by fellow linebacker Malcolm Smith. Both players are very instinctive, intelligent football players. Having Malcolm Smith around has helped Galippo's transition to the college game. "We are two newcomers in a room full of All-Americans. So, it's been different for us. We kinda rely on each other."

At this point in camp Galippo has certainly lived up to his lofty expectations and has made enough plays to warrant early playing time. "I've only been here for about eleven days, but I think I know my stuff good enough to get into games and make some plays." Top Stories