Trojans prepare for Scrimmage

Tuesday afternoon's session was a closed walk-through, closed to the public and media. Only a few family members attended the session. USC staged a pep rally in conjunction with game week simulation.

Game Week Simulation

Coach Pete Carroll traditionally simulates game week when preparing the football team. To this end, there was the walk-through followed by a pep rally at Heritage Hall. At the conclusion of the rally players boarded buses which took them to a team hotel.

Wednesday the team will prepare for and run through a scrimmage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at 7:15 pm, simulating the upcoming game day against the Idaho Vandals. The intra-squad scrimmage is open to the public. There will also be "Trojan Walk" at the peristyle end of the Coliseum prior to the scrimmage.

A Deafening Experience

"The Spirit of Troy," the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band performed full strength at Heritage Hall. Walking up the back stairs and between raised cardinal and gold flags, the team entered Heritage Hall through the back entrance. While the 2007 Trojan Marching Band officially started band camp just a few days ago, the quality of music performed was flawless.

The team gathered on the first floor of Heritage Hall while the band serenaded them from both the first and second floors. The sound was full and loud, a tradition for the ages.

About the Rally

Walking into the pep rally, the band played "Fight On!" The team, coaches, spectators and family members were treated to a great event. After the first song was played, as is tradition, a senior member of the football team perched himself on a towering step ladder to address teammates.

Walk-on Senior, Jim Abbott was given the honors Tuersday, deservingly, as Abbott is one of the hardest working players on the team. Following Abbott's speech, the band performed Tusk! Knowing smiles filled the room. Coach John Morton then took center stage, addressed the team and thanked the band. Morton appreciates the band, but joked he's had an inability to rest since band started camp. The percussion section has practiced in front of Heritage Hall since band camp began, disturbing the peace and quiet normally found at the football offices.

Mid Season Form

Following Coach Morton's speech the band performed another number and followed it up with "SoCal Spellout." Abbott returned to lead the band for the performance of "Conquest," USC's victory salute. Both the band and song girls performed flawlessly and are quite ready for game day. The team broke up and headed to team buses, and will return Wednesday for the intra-squad scrimmage.

What's Next?
Scrimmage at the Coliseum Wednesday at 7:15 PM (open to the public) Top Stories