Saturday Practice - Quoting Carroll

Saturday was the last day of fall camp. caught up with head coach Pete Carroll to get his thoughts on the upcoming season.

On Fall Camp

"We had a fantastic camp. It was highly competitive all the way up to today. Our guys are ready to play football. They are ready to go. I'm anxious to cut them loose and see what the results are."

On Game Week

"We're into game week next time we show up. Coaches will really finalize the game plan today and get everything ready for us to start it up."

On Stafon Johnson

"He's had a great camp. He's been very serious about everything, studying hard. He still has areas to improve on but his play day after day has been really good."

On C.J. Gable

"CJ got back today. It was great to see him back out there. I think we rested him just right. He'll get tomorrow off and come right back ready to go… we are real confident in his ability and toughness and all of the stuff he can do."

On Chauncey Washington

"Chauncey's way better than he's been. He's had great improvement. I'm not sure how far that's going take him. But he's really optimistic about it. He had a lot of swelling in his shoulder a couple of days ago, but he doesn't have it now. He's real encouraged by that."

On the Secondary

"We plan on rotating a lot of guys and playing a lot of guys. Josh (Pinkard) has just done such a nice job playing corner. He seems very active and effective out there. We're going to take a real good look at him there playing with the first group and develop a rotation there with Cary (Harris), Terrell (Thomas) and Shareece (Wright). Those are the top four guys right now….Josh will also play some safety."

On Josh Pinkard

"I have always thought Josh was an incredible athlete. He has great speed, he's a big guy and he has such all-around athleticism that he can play both spots. He seems to be more dominant on our practice field at corner. He has more of a presence when he's there."

On John David Booty

"He's just way more confident, he knows what he can do…He has such command of the offense that he's ready for the game plan and will be ready to handle all of it." Top Stories