Quoting Carroll - Wednesday Practice

SCPlayBook spoke with Pete Carroll after Wednesday's practice. Will Joe McKnight play? Who's at Center? Those questions answered and more... inside...

On Matt Spanos:

"He's got some damage to the tricep muscle, a little tear in there. And they have to do more in-depth looks at it to nail down how many complications there are to that. He's out for a little while here. He'll miss a few weeks."

On the center position:

"Jeff (Byers) went with the number one's today. We're going to take a good look at Kristofer O'Dowd in the game and see how it goes. We'll probably have Alex Parsons start taking some snaps today and start working as the third center."

On Drew Radovich possibly moving to left guard:

"Pat's working on him, moving him around a little bit. Of course Drew has a lot of time playing left guard for us so that's a natural move if we need it."

On Patrick Turner:

"We wanted to make sure and get him a day of rest. His shoulder is a little bit sore. But he ran routes early on and did fine doing all that stuff. We'll continue to take it easy on him, give him a couple of days to quiet everything down. But he's been ok. He has passed the test to play and all that."

On Joe McKnight:

"He looked really good. He looked great on film yesterday. He looked fine today, he'll definitely play in the game."

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