Dareus Hiley interview

Dareus Hiley, 6'1, 175 lbs, is a super talented athlete out of Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio. With a host of offers, he's started to narrow it down and has five schools picked out that he'd like to visit.

Hiley is one of those special players that can just do it all.  He's been playing all over the field this year for Glenville, switching between quarterback, wide receiver, and running back on offense, and cornerback and safety on defense.  And get this, he also returns kickoffs and punts and is the team's punter and place kicker.  With versatility like that, it's no wonder that his coaches gave him the nickname "Superman."


Glenville started out the year on a rough note with two losses, but they have since rebounded with three straight victories and Hiley has been a star all season.  In the team's 55-0 romp over John F. Kennedy High School last Friday, he was unstoppable, "I had about 85 rushing yards, like 150 passing, and 3 touchdowns," he said.  "On defense I had 1 interception and 4 tackles."


"I've been getting a lot of calls from everybody this past month," Hiley explained when the topic of his recruitment came up.  "In the last few days I've talked to Auburn, Howard, Miami (Fla), and Florida.  Right now, I'm just wide open pretty much. I'm trying to narrow it down, but it's really hard because there are so many schools that have so many different things to offer."  Although he is so undecided, Hiley did admit that he has five schools picked out right now that he'd like to visit, and all of them have offered, "I know I want to go on trips to USC, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, and Wisconsin," he said.  "They're all pretty even, but the coaches at Ohio State and Michigan have been talking to me the most.  I'm looking at the academic support really, and the school's tradition." 


Generally considered a cornerback prospect by most previous reports, Hiley mentioned that he is actually receiving just as much recruiting attention for the other side of the ball, "It's like 50-50," he said.  "Wide receiver and defensive back, but I've got a couple of schools talking about quarterback."  With an opportunity to play offense or defense at the next level, does Hiley have a preference?  "I would like to play O.  If I play defense, I think I might miss out on the stats, but it doesn't really matter.  I've been playing so many different positions for so long, when I get there that's what they're probably going to do anyway." 


The Trojan staff is among those that are recruiting Hiley at wide receiver and he hears most often from Coach Lane Kiffin, "I'm real interested in USC because I like the location and the tradition, and USC, who wouldn't want to go to USC?  They have  a great football team and I think I have a really great connection with Coach Kiffin.  He really stood out more than the other coaches because he really liked the way I moved with the ball when I get it, and the offense they use is like the offense we run.  I saw when they played Auburn.  It was a real good game.  I think they have a pretty quick defense.  They react to the ball real fast, and the offense, I like the pace.  It's fast moving.  They have the receivers going in so many places.  I think I could fit in real well."  One other factor in the Trojans' favor is the fact that Hiley has already been out to L.A. a number of times, as he explained, "I've been out to Los Angeles.  I have family there.  I used to stay out there every summer.  That's another reason why USC stands out, because I'm familiar with the area."


Hiley's teammate, cornerback Donte Whitner, is also a top rated recruit.  While there have been rumblings of a possible package deal, Hiley is unsure of the likelihood, "There's been talk of it, but not really.  We're kind of the same player, but we're looking at different places.  He's a defensive player so he's looking at the defense at the different schools, but when I look at schools, I look at the offense.  I like the ball.  He looks at straight defense.  We might though, I don't know yet."

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