Hot Hot Hot - Tuesday Practice Report

At the height of practice, the temperature was almost unbearable and "Competition Tuesday" felt more like "Beat the Heat Tuesday."

Temperatures over the weekend soared past 100 degrees for much of Southern California. Around campus Sunday and Monday the thermometer reached 100. At practice time, the mercury was in the high 90's. As if on cue, after practice, a cool ocean breeze hit North University Park and the temperature dipped to 80 degrees. Relief in Sight - Tomorrow's forecast is for a high of 76 degrees.

On the Field

The football team is practicing on Cromwell Field this week, to simulate the artificial turf the team will play on in Nebraska. At the height of practice, the temperature was almost unbearable and "Competition Tuesday" felt more like "Beat the Heat Tuesday." As practice was underway, an ever so slight ocean breeze teased the team and spectators alike, reminding some that the ocean is just a few miles away.

On the Sidelines

Still nursing injuries, Josh Pinkard, Kaluka Maiava, Brian Cushing, Chauncey Washington, Will Harris and Patrick Turner were all on the sidelines. The good news is that Cushing is rebounding well, Turner did line up in practice drills and Washington was running through the endzone while the team practiced.

Slip an Extra Shrimp on the Barbie

About half an hour into practice a team walked into Cromwell Field and took seats in the stands. It was a curious sight as they all donned "Polo" type shirts that had the wonderful yellow and green color that is the University of Oregon.

As it turned out, they were members of the "Gridiron Australia Development Squad." This is an amateur association, which develops American football Down-Under.

The group is touring the U.S. and observing teams such as USC and BYU. They have played against "Snow College" of Ephraim, Utah and plan to play more scrimmages with other teams.

Needless to say, Coach Carroll welcomed the team with open arms. Good Luck to our Aussie friends! Getting It

Watching Clay Matthews' development is an enlightening experience. It seems over the last year Matthews really "gets it." He worked hard over the summer adding bulk to his frame, but Matthews is all over the football field. Matthews has a good sense of the ball, doesn't get beat often and knows where to be to make defensive plays. Keep an eye on number 47; he's the most improved player on this squad.

Who Shined Today

Fred Davis made a few noticeable catches, David Ausberry had a grab with Jim Abbott draped all over him and Travon Patterson appears to be getting back to game speed. Joe McKnight is getting a few more looks and C.J. Gable, Stafon Johnson and Allen Bradford worked in the backfield.

By the Way

Josh Pinkard worked along side Chauncey Washington. Drew Radovich continues to get stronger and Mark Sanchez spent time after practice throwing a nerf football. Sanchez removed the splint he had been wearing the last couple weeks. Top Stories