Quoting Carroll - Thursday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after practice on Thursday to get his thoughts on several players and their recovery.

On Herschel Dennis:

"He's not cleared yet. We're not ready to do that yet. But we will see what happens next week and just take it one week at a time. It's really just when the confidence is there and everybody feels like it's time for him to go. We need to see him do more. But what he's doing, he's doing very well. It's great to see him out there."

On the Bye Week:

"We continue to work a little bit on Nebraska. And really work on ourselves. Ninety- nine percent of it really is about fixing things up, prepping things out, and making sure our fundamental stuff is really right."

On Broderick Green:

"It's a four to six week deal if everything works out right. I think that's what they are saying. We gotta see how he responds. His foot is going to be real strong and the crack will be all healed up and all that. It's just how soon he can get back."

On Player Returning From Injuries:

"I think the highlights for me today and yesterday really was to see (Marc) Tyler get out here and (Mark) Sanchez get out here and Herschel (Dennis) too. Those are three guys that are back in action and practicing well."

On Mark Sanchez:

Mark still didn't take any snaps today as far as from the center. But he ran with the team and did 7-on-7's and all that. And he's throwing the ball really well so that was a really good positive for us."

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