Quoting Carroll - Friday Practice

The Trojans practiced at 6:15 AM Friday morning, and Clay DeLeon of SCPlayBook was there to catch up with Head Coach Pete Carroll and get his thoughts on the week that was.

In summarizing the week of practice, Carroll stated, "We've had real good practices, we got some real spirited practice this morning to finish the thing up. We saw for the most part that the emphasis on the second half of (today's) practice was all the young guys, to get them a lot of plays on film so we can see where they are. It's worked out fine, we got a good break coming up. We're going to come back real strong."

Several players have been battling injuries, Carroll commented on several.

"Patrick (Turner) ran around really well today, he's going to be fine for Monday. He was full speed today, running routes, catching the ball, I'm sure they'll release him for Monday."

"Josh (Pinkard) is going to try to get out Monday or Tuesday, so we'll see where he is. We're getting back, so that feels real good. You kind of feel the urgency, because we know we're going to play week after week now, and finally that part of the season has come to us and that's going to be real exciting."

Then coach Carroll explained giving Joe McKnight some time off 

"He was just a little bit sore from yesterday so we just rested him. We knew we'd get a couple extra days of rest. So we just gave him a break yesterday and today. He should be full speed on Monday."

On the status of Kaluka Maiava, "I don't know about that one. Until he's out running, you never know. He's not running full speed right now. He feels like he will be, but you don't know. He was okay for game time then in the second quarter he couldn't finish. We'll have to wait and see on that one."

Coach Carroll was optimistic about Mark Sanchez's recovery from a thumb injury.

"Mark (Sanchez) is going to be okay. He's going to take snaps next week and be ready to go. He's had a good week in preparation for coming back. The only thing he hasn't done is take some snaps. In fact he even hit his hand on one play today and it didn't bother him. He was concerned at first then he realized it didn't hurt him."

The news on Chauncey Washington did not seem as hopeful. 

"I need word from the doctors. He feels good, and he's run this week (and all that), but I've got to make sure the doctors are going to release him. He wants to go, he wants to play and thinks he's ready."

Pete Carroll likes the bye week being early in the season. It helps younger players to focus and it gives the coaches time to make adjustments. One of the issues the coaches have been trying to resolve recently is the offensive line.

"The center (position) is a thing of a little bit of concern right now. We have (Keith) Byers and Kris (O'Dowd) that can play there but we need a third center so we're trying to figure that out with Alex (Parsons) and a couple of other guys."

Carroll continued, "He (Parsons) is doing pretty well, he's learning the new spot and snapping the ball too, which is a lot to ask of him. He's a very bright kid, a hard worker, great worker out here so he's picking it up quickly, but it's still a big challenge. There's a lot of stuff for him. But he's gotta get going, because the depth at his position is really pretty light."

And on other positions, "We moved Thomas Herring to left guard, Drew (Radovich) is doing a nice job at right tackle so between him and Charles (Brown) they'll take care of that."

The Trojans return to practice Monday at Howard Jones-Brian Kennedy Field.

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