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Matt Burkhard, second year Quarterback Manager for the USC Trojans, will be sharing his experiences with SCPlaybook this football season.

USC Football Managers are maybe the hardest working, least recognized members of the Trojan Football Program. It's a common site to see their yellow shirts sprinting from field to field, hauling equipment, or maybe even filling in when a body is needed in a drill.

Matt Burkard is the second year Quarterback Manager for USC, and he will share his experiences with SCPlayBook throughout the year.

Meet Mr. Burkhard.


I'm Matt Burkhard from Carpinteria, California, a long-time Trojan fan hailing from Carpinteria High School. Always interested in sports of any kind, I lettered five times in sports including Track and field, Golf, Tennis, and Cross Country (team 6th in State).

I first heard about USC because of family members (uncle, brother, and grandfather) who attended school here, but really developed a passion for the school through the football program. I attended many games with family and friends and watched the team on TV. By my junior year in high school, I was set on making it into USC and celebrated many times once I received my acceptance letter.

My first semester here got me excited for the next four years, meeting people and going to the games with the dynamic duo - Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. I got involved with clubs, residential activities, concert committee, and I worked at the Lyon Recreation Center, which is where I was recognized for a potential position as a manager for the football team.

A friend (and former manager) in my Italian class approached me after class one day, saying he noticed I worked at the gym, knew I was interested in sports and inquired about my interest in working with the football team.

"THE football team?"

He said yes, and after some days and interviews later, I found myself on the field for the first day of Spring Football. The head manager at the time put me right in with the quarterbacks, working with Steve Sarkisian, and that is where I have been since...

I am a junior now, studying Kinesiology (so I should be a trainer, but my job now is more exciting to me) and I will continue to be a manager throughout my senior year. I aspire to become head manager, but that is something I can't worry too much about now - the only thing on the managers' minds today is Nebraska next week.

When I graduate, I plan on either attending physical therapy school or pursuing another similar profession in the field.

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