Quoting Carroll - Monday's Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Trojan Head Coach Pete Carroll after Monday's practice to get his thoughts on several topics, including the injuries.

On Monday's practice:

"This day is to get us ready to have a good full week. Make sure we knock any of the cobwebs out and whatever we need to do to get right."

On Josh Pinkard:

"I'm afraid that Josh(Pinkard) isn't going to be able to make it back. He tried today and didn't feel good at all. He hurt himself a couple weeks ago and he's not going to be able to bounce back. It's not okay, he's not going to be able to bounce back."

On Brian Cushing:

"He felt really good today. Tomorrow is an important day. They said for sure he would be back out here by Wednesday. I'm hoping he's making it back out tomorrow. He was moving around quick and kind of bouncing around on it. He has to show that he can function on it well."

On Matt Spanos:

"He's trying to make it back and he's determined to do it. I didn't see how much he got done but I know he was out here working hard. It's going to be a miraculous recovery if he can do it."

On Chauncey Washington:

"We got to wait until the doctors release him. We would love to have him back….He's ready to go legs wise, now we gotta make sure he's physically released to come on back."

On Trojans in the NFL:

"It's an enormous night tonight with both Heisman (Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer on Monday Night Football) guys going. The Trojans have been well represented in the special games in this first NFL week.

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