Manager's Blog - Tuesday

Quarterback Manager Matt Burkhard will give SCPlayBook readers a unique behind the scenes look at the USC Trojan Football Program.

Today's full-length, full-pads practice was without error for the managers despite the fact that we were five men down by the close of the session. Classes are getting more involved, and for our seniors, the time for the all-important job search is nearing as well.

It then becomes necessary for us to adjust our routine to accomplish what's important - making sure practice runs smoothly for the team. And today, that was accomplished.

It's made clear to us when we begin working with the team - school comes first. But over the past two years working with these guys, that ideal has been highly debated.

Being a student myself, I am also fortunate to see (and feel) the energy, excitement, and buzz around campus about this weekend's rendezvous in Nebraska. Managers and students alike are aching to watch our guys battle it out on Saturday - only four days away!

Aside from classes, meetings, and the regular practice schedule, the managers will be taking care of more business tomorrow with some very important pre-game rituals including the cleaning of the helmets.

Ever wonder how they look so shiny on the field? Our twelve guys will spend hours after tomorrow night's practice making sure they are spotless. Each and every one of them!

Sophomore Adam Kossof, manager for the special teams told me in excitement, "I'm leaving it all out there in the equipment room tomorrow night. Someone might have to carry me home. These muscles can only take so much."

More on that excitement to come.

After a day like today, some say it's tough being both a student and a manager - but most agree that the combination of the two are nothing to complain about. Top Stories