Quoting Carroll - Wednesday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Trojan Head Coach Pete Carroll after Wednesday's practice, and the head man commented on several players for Nebraska week.

On Playing at Nebraska:

"This is really an exciting part of it. When you think of going to college and playing football, you don't just think of playing at home. You think of going to these stadiums and these environments that you've seen over the years and watched on television. And these guys are relishing this opportunity. It's very, very special."

On Brian Cushing:

"He did some more today but they just don't want him to run yet. He's going to wait all the way to Saturday. If he's healthy, he'll play some."

On Chauncey Washington:

"He did great today. Took hits, the whole thing. He's ready to go. He's cleared and he's gonna play. I'm so proud of Chauncey to stick through this and stay in such great shape. He's in the best shape of his life. He's worked very hard for this."

On Clay Matthews:

"Clay's been around a long time. He had a terrific first game. He's worked extremely hard. He's really ready, he's ready to play. This is what depth is all about. This is what we hoped to be able to jump up with a guy that we trust and believe in and has been there when you do have a guy that has to step aside. This is a great example of that. We feel great about Clay playing."

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