Manager's Blog - Wednesday

Quarterback Manager Matt Burkhard will give SCPlayBook readers a unique behind the scenes look at the USC Trojan Football Program.

Today the managers hit the field and set it all up to a soundtrack - a speaker system surrounded Howard Jones Field, blaring hip-hop remixes and, of course, simulated crowd noise - a tell-tale sign that the game is upon us.

Adding crowd noise into the mix of an already intense practice makes coaches and managers have to try that much harder to communicate effectively, but we are about the challenge of pressure.

That all went well, but what was really on the manager's minds throughout was the important task that lay ahead - cleaning upwards of 100 helmets until they shined like rubies. This is a labor that is neither quick nor easy.

Each helmet is taken into careful hands, cleaned inside and out, polished, and then buffed to perfection. They are inspected at every angle, and once made flawless, they are returned to their places in the locker room.

Today marked a time record for the crew of new managers with the duration being just under an hour and a half. They are getting better!

When asked how they looked, returning manager Brandon Buehler said, "They look damn great!" Look out for the shiny helmets coming to you broadcast live from Lincoln on Saturday.

We leave tomorrow on an epic of a weekend trip to Nebraska, and six managers will be in attendance. I spoke with Andy Benitez, linebacker manager who is also new this year about his feelings on the upcoming weekend. "I've never gone out into hostile territory before, traveling with a program this big. I get to live something that most people will never get close to."

We're all excited to get on that plane tomorrow, and we're sure it will be memorable. "Once we get out there tomorrow, it'll finally sink in - I'm going to Nebraska with the USC football team. I'm sure it will be an experience I never forget."

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