Fili Moala injury update

Western HS defensive tackle Fili Moala, the first verbal commit in this recruiting class for the Trojans, is out with an injury to his left foot.

"I was going through practice drills about two weeks ago when I just felt a pop in my foot," said Moala. "After a few days I knew it was more than a sprain and I had it checked out.  The doctors said they think it might be a ruptured ligament in the foot and they put me in a walking cast this past Tuesday.  I'm going to go get a second opinion early next week but if it is ruptured I would be out for the season."

"I told the USC coaches and they told me not to worry about it and to just let them know what is going on.  It's been great to see the good start for them.  I thought they showed a lot of heart against Kansas State.  The d-line has done a great job, they've earned the top ranking in the country, they deserve to be #1."

When asked if he is excited to play on that line he said, "Oh yeah, of course." Top Stories