Quoting Carroll - Nebraska Post-Game

Lincoln, Neb. - SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC head coach Pete Carroll after Saturday's impressive 49-31 victory in Lincoln, Nebraska to get Carroll's thoughts on the Trojan's big win.

Carroll on playing at Nebraska:

"We handled the setting, this is a great crowd, this is a fantastic setting to be in, there's no doubt about it. We had to face that situation and take total command of the game and really quiet the crowd down was what we hoped to do. So we accomplished a tremendous amount just that in itself, regardless of what the score was.

I was thrilled that we scored a bunch of points and ran the football. It was easy for John David (Booty) tonight. I'm a little disappointed that we dropped a couple balls, but other than that I thought for the most part we did what we needed to do. We had to adjust a little bit, they were moving the ball early, and then the guys rallied around and everything worked out fine. I thought we had the game in command once the offensive line started to surge and the defense answered, so it was a heck of a day."

Carroll on the Big Win:

"This is a great accomplishment for our team. This is everything that you would want in terms of a challenge game. A winning football team, a great stadium, great crowd, some adversity early. We just hung tough and just took the game over at the line of scrimmage."

Carroll on the USC Running Game:

"Once we got going, we just took control. We took control up front. I don't think there was any question that we could run the football any time we wanted. All of the stuff that we hoped to do on the line of scrimmage we got done. When that happened, I thought Stafon Johnson really (maxed) out. He had a lot of space. He averaged 13 yards a carry and CJ (Gable) averaged 17 yards a carry, which are crazy numbers."

Carroll on Stopping the Nebraska Rushing Attack:

"I didn't know if we could or not, but that's the way we hoped to play. We really had two fantastic weeks of run defense. We really made a big deal out of it and emphasized the heck out of it with respect to all they had done in their two games, and I was really thrilled that we were able to get that done. That's a big marker for us. There was a bunch of yards piled up in the passing game but I thought that's a big step for us to take. That's the kind of run defense we're going to count on."

Carroll on Vincent Joseph's Injury:

"Unfortunately Vincent (Joseph) got hurt tonight and I don't have all the stuff for you but it wasn't a neck injury. He got hit in the throat really bad and he was having some trouble breathing on the field. But he could talk and he was lucid and all that but it just took him a long time to get comfortable. So we felt real bad for him. I think he is going to spend the night here and then come back tomorrow."

Carroll on Stafon Johnson:

"Stafon is really something now. He gets out there and they don't tackle him and he makes guys miss. He bounces off guys; he makes extra yards. It's a very exciting emergence for this kid."

Carroll on Stanley Havili:

"Stanley is obviously a big play guy for us. He obviously makes something happen and I kept saying let's give it to him again."

Carroll on John David Booty:

"I thought John threw the ball beautifully tonight. We just had a couple of drops that got away from us. Other than that, I thought he was in total command."

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