ScoutTV - USC Commit Maurice Simmons

USC Commitment Maurice Simmons is the #4 ranked weakside linebacker in the country by Simmons' Dominguez team took on Crenshaw last Friday, and was there to bring you all the action.

USC Commitment Maurice Simmons is a big time playmaker for his Dominguez High School team. He plays in a system that is a linebacker's dream in that Head Coach Willie Donerson turns his backers loose on the opponent's backfield and lets them attack and chase.

This style of defense wreaks havoc on an opposing offense, and it affords the opportunity to use the speed and skill of a player like Simmons.

Simmons lives in the offensive backfield, and with his speed, he specializes in chasing down plays from the back side.

Simmons also lines up as a wingback on offense, and the first play of this highlight clip is put in there to show that he doesn't just manhandle an opponent's offense.

See Simmons in action from his game last Friday.

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