Competition Tuesday

The feel of Fall was in the air as the Trojans hit the practice field for Compeition Tuesday.

Competition Tuesday

Howard Jones-Brian Kennedy Field was quite cool this Competition Tuesday. Temperatures topped off at the low 60's and the field was downright chilly. Weather forecasts show clouds, showers and thunderstorms for the next few days in Los Angeles. With any luck, the inclement weather will clear up by Saturday's kickoff.

Feels Like Trojan Football

A big difference between Competition Tuesdays and other days is the Trojan Marching Band. Mondays are an off day for the band, and on Tuesdays they return to Cromwell Field. There's something about hearing "Tribute to Troy," "Fight On!" and Conquest while observing football practice. It makes game day and the tradition of Trojan Football feel closer.

Practice Begins

The most notable occurrence as practice commenced was Brian Cushing working with a trainer as the rest of the team performed warm-up exercises. Cushing later got on the field during drills. Greg Woidneck, David Buehler, Billy O'Malley and the rest of the punt/kick teams then practiced kicking on the field. C.J. Gable, Desmond Reed, Brandon Carswell, Ronald Johnson and Joe McKnight took turns fielding the kicks. Quarterbacks tossed passes with Patrick Turner, Stanley Havili, Fred Davis, Travon Patterson and Damian Williams.

Walking Wounded

As reported yesterday, Matt Spanos is participating in drills with the aid of an elbow brace. Broderick Green walked on the field sporting a large boot, but did not participate. Both Alfred Rowe and Vincent Joseph were on the sidelines but not dressed in pads. Rowe expects to be cleared by Saturday; Joseph will probably be cleared next week.

Working Against the Scout Teams

Working with the Scout Team, John David Booty completed passes to Patrick Turner, Stanley Havili, Vidal Hazelton, Joe McKnight and Fred Davis. Marc Sanchez had completions to Stafon Johnson, Fred Davis, David Ausberry, Desmond Reed and Anthony McCoy. The quarterbacks got extra work with receivers today.

On the defensive side, Shareece Wright tipped passes and had an interception against Mitch Mustain. Terrell Thomas also broke up a pass to Brandon Carswell. Kyle Moore looked impressive during this competition.

Practice Notes

During 7-on-7 drills, Booty completed passes to Hazelton, Reed, Davis, Johnson and McKnight. Sanchez completed passes to Reed and Ausberry.

After the 7-on-7's, the team practiced field goals where Buehler kicked successfully from the 10, 27.5, and 32.5 yard lines. Buehler was unsuccessful from the 22.5 yard line when the ball hit the uprights and bounced out.

11-on-11's saw much of the same-successful passes by Booty and Sanchez to the receivers. Chauncey Washington, Joe McKnight, Johnson, Gable and Reed got tailback work. Hershel Dennis got some work in as well. Travon Patterson made an impressive catch, juggling the ball before bringing it in. A highlight play was Christian Tupou flattening Alex Parsons at the line, Parsons looked surprised by the play.

End of the Line

Various positions took extra time at the conclusion of practice, including the linebackers and the offensive line. Patrick Turner and Damian Williams caught passes from the "Jugs" machine. Pete Carroll got extra work, tossing passes to youngsters who came to observe practice. Top Stories