Quoting Carroll - Tuesday Practice

SCPlayBook's Clay DeLeon caught up with USC Trojan Head Coach to get his thoughts on the upcoming game with Washington State, Brian Cushing, Kyle Moore, and more.

A Sense of Urgency

After a long Fall Camp, a game against Idaho, then a bye week followed by last weekend's contest with Nebraska, the next game for the Trojans is this Saturday. In the previous two football games, the team had ample time to prepare for the opponent. Now that the Trojans are into the Pac-10 schedule, there is only one week between games.

"It feels like there's a real sense of urgency, we don't have two weeks or (Fall) Camp to get ready for a ball game," said Trojan Head Coach Pete Carroll. "We've only got a few days; we have to make the most of it. We had a good practice today, the guys worked really well. It just seems like it's coming really fast. Here it is, we're already on Wednesday, and we've got to make sure we do a really good job."

The Washington State Cougars

The celebration of the Nebraska victory was well deserved, but short-lived. There was an air of satisfaction on the field on Monday, but on Tuesday, Carroll turned his sights on the upcoming contest with the Cougars. "We know that Washington State's a good team. They have a lot that's really good, and it's hard to defend. "

"It's a good challenge for us. And it just feels like the speed of the oncoming next game is a little different than we faced the first two times out."

Brian Cushing's Recovery

Early in the Idaho Game, Brian Cushing suffered a sprained ankle and has not seen much action while he recuperates. "Cushing played about a third of the plays with the service team today, normally we play a little more than half."

"He got through it fine. He'll be ready to play on the weekend. If he makes it through the practices (this week) he'll start on Saturday" stated Carroll.

Kyle Moore:

Defensive end Kyle Moore has been involved in all three turnovers this season. Against the Cornhuskers, Moore tipped a Sam Keller pass, which was intercepted by Terrell Thomas. Moore also intercepted a pass.

"He has been real active, he uses his height really well, he's got good timing in getting in the throwing lanes…and knocks some balls around. He does it in practice too. He seems to have a little bit of a knack for swatting passes down. "

Continuing his thoughts Carroll commented, "Sometimes you don't realize how hard it would be for a defensive back to break in front of a guy and knock a ball down, a lineman can stick his hand up and knock a pass down, it's equally as effective. We really have emphasized it in this camp. Obviously at 6'5" he's got great range."

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