Meeting with John David Booty

John David Booty is the leader of the USC Trojans and a Heisman Candidate. He has been efficient, if not spectacular to this point, and he addressed many subjects after practice on Wednesday.

USC quarterback John David Booty is a Heisman Trophy candidate this year, but winning the most prestigious individual award in college football takes a back seat to team goals.

"To win an award, just being invited to New York would be something special," said Booty. "I'm not basing my career at USC on that at all. I'm basing it on winning games, the Pac-10, then go on from there. You know, whatever happens."

Booty further stated, "Just really winning that's my main goal, to do whatever I can to help our offense. Get us in the right place to win games. If it does happen, great, but if it doesn't, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."

About the Running Game

During Saturday's dominating performance over the Cornhuskers, the Trojans piled up 313 yards rushing. The passing game was adequate, but less than stellar. Booty said, "We can throw the ball, we can do that, we've got the guys that can make plays. I think once we get that going, and get these guys just to play in games, and then we'll get a pretty good little (double) threat. They'll have to play "stop the run" the way we've played the last two weeks."


Asked about whether he was frustrated about the dropped passes this weekend, Booty stated, "I'm not frustrated, I understand, it didn't really frustrate me. If the game was a little tighter, we need to make those plays. But with the lead we had and the way we were running the game, it didn't really frustrate me at that time."

Close Call at WSU Last Year

What are his expectations this year?

"Our best effort just like everybody else we play. Be fired up and ready to go, and I know our fans will be too. It's going to be exciting. They've got a great quarterback in Brink on offense. We've got to make plays and get things going. It could be an interesting game, but we just have to remain focused and play our ball."

The Go-to Receiver

"I think David Ausberry, he answered, Patrick Turner, they are all really talented. We were running the ball real well (against Nebraska), we just passed it here and there, and really not even not doing a whole lot in the passing game unless it was third down situation or something like that. I still feel that our passing game hasn't opened up like I think it's going to through the rest of the season."

Opening Up the Passing Game

"If you got something working like that (the run) you stick to it. Especially when you're on the road.  You're trying to silence the crowd.  You keep pounding it out with 20 yard gains and 10 yard gains. You talk about putting a team out in a hurry, when you do things like that. Which was really happening in the first two games."

Booty's thoughts on moving the ball, "It's huge, when you've got a run game like that, you can ask any quarterback or coordinator that's ever played, (they) will tell you the same thing. If you have a great running game, you control the line of scrimmage, everything opens up from there. So that's what we're hoping for."

Booty's Thoughts on the WSU Defense

"I see a lot of odd things from them, not the traditional defensive type things, blitzing. Not giving you tips where they are coming from. You can think something totally different, and here it comes from the other side. So it's just really important that we focus on our assignment and our protection. It's important to start off PAC-10 play, and it's at home." Top Stories