Wednesday Practice Report

Temperatures were perfect for football; the mercury was in the high sixties, with cool breezes and a partial cloud cover. Not so cool was the play on the practice field. The team turned up the intensity level, faster play and harder hitting.

Against Scout Team


Speed and hitting went up a notch again as the Trojans are just three days away from kickoff. The defense intensified today as they took on the scout team. Herschel Dennis, Allen Bradford, Joe McKnight and Desmond Reed took turns running the ball as the defense turned their sights on stopping the runners.

On the passing side, the pass rush continued to harass the offense, as Mitch Mustain led the way. Terrell Thomas and Kevin Ellison had interceptions.


John David Booty and Marc Sanchez threw passes to Patrick Turner, Vidal Hazelton, Travon Patterson, David Ausberry and various backs. Stafon Johnson had an impressive long gainer. Dennis and McKnight got in at tailback as well.


The seven on seven drills moved rather quickly on Wednesday, as Booty and Sanchez practiced passes and handoffs to the receivers and tailbacks. The most impressive catch in this series was a "climbing-the-ladder" grab by Hazelton.

Full Team

To begin the 1st team practice, Lawrence Jackson got up high on a pass, tipped the ball and intercepted it. The competition level was at fever pace and a couple of skirmishes broke out as the offense and defense came in fired up.

Fred Davis has been consistently open and catching passes. Keith Rivers aggressively broke up a pass. Play ended with an exciting grab by Ronald Johnson in the endzone.

Good News

Good news of the day is that Vincent Joseph was on the sidelines, joking and laughing, apparently healing well from his larynx injury suffered on Saturday against Nebraska.

The USC Trojans take on the Washington State Cougars at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 5:00 pm (PST), on ABC. Top Stories