USC's Full Arsenal on Display

After the Idaho game, critics were questioning the Trojans unimaginative play calling. Last week after the Trojans dominant display on the ground, some fans voiced concerns about the lack of a passing game. But after getting a full dose of the passing game in Saturday's big win over Washington State, the only question left is what can't these Trojans do on offense?

John David Booty came out firing on the opening possession of the game. On the first series USC drove 83 yards on thirteen plays, eleven of which were passes. "On first and second down tonight we were gunning it, just letting everybody get involved and letting it all hang loose," said Booty.

Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian explained that the offense has just been taking advantage of what the opposing defense gives them. "Last week we ran it as much as we could to win the game, tonight we were a little more balanced," said Sarkisian.

"The ultimate goal is to try to make people defend everything and when you have wide receivers and tight ends and running backs and fullbacks," said Sarkisian. "Let's figure out who they are trying to stop and get the balls to the other guys that are getting single coverage."

Last night tight end Fred Davis was the guy getting single coverage and the big tight end responded by having the best game of his career. Davis had a career high nine catches for 124 yards and two touchdowns. "I felt like a receiver again," said Davis. "It felt good just to be out there helping, just doing anything I can to help our team win."

After being held out of the Idaho game with an injured shoulder and only having 3 receptions against Nebraska, the Trojans also made a point of getting Patrick Turner involved in the game early. "He's a very good player and he had an unfortunate injury and might have been a little gun shy against Nebraska. I really do believe it was important for him to play well," said Sarkisian.

Turner had 3 catches in the Trojans first drive alone, which matched his total all game against Nebraska. "Patrick responded with a great game," said Sarkisian. Turner finished with 6 receptions for 64 yards.

Sarkisian stressed that on a team filled with so many great players one of his main jobs is keeping the players involved in the offense and focused on the game plan because their chance to shine could come on any play.

"I think our coaches do a very good job of explaining the game plan and really making our kids understand what the plan is and why we are doing what we are doing," said Sarkisian. "Instead of just calling plays, I think we are doing a good job of teaching and coaching our kids up on what a plan is and how we are attacking and why we are attacking the way we are so our guys have a very strong belief in what we are doing."

And with the way Sarkisian has been managing the game plan, Trojan fans now have a very strong belief in the offense as well. Top Stories