Keys to the Game - Revisited

Last week we brought you the keys to a USC victory. How accurate did those keys end up being in USC's big win over Washington State?

We asked: Which team will show up tomorrow in the Coliseum, the Trojans that pulverized the Cornhuskers or the team that just "showed up" against the Vandals?

And the answer is: neither, the John David Booty Airshow arrived for this one, Booty was 28-35, four touchdowns, one interception and threw to nine different receivers.

Trojan Question Marks

We asked: Will a wide receiver catch more than three passes in this game?

And the answer is: Yes, Patrick Turner and Vidal Hazelton had six receptions each. The bonus here was tight end Fred Davis

Running Backs

We Said: No apparent problem here.

Chauncey Washington turned in an excellent game.



We said: Either (Brian Cushing or Clay Matthews) need to be able to play at a high level.

Surprise! Keith Rivers picked up the slack: 14 tackles (5 assisted). When Cushing and Matthews were able to play, they contributed significantly.


We said: The secondary needs to tighten down the short passing game.

During the game, Cary Harris fell in the endzone and injured his shoulder. The cornerback situation will be addressed in practice this week.


We said: USC needs to keep quarterback Alex Brink from getting into a groove.

Accomplished. Brink impressively led the Cougars to two scores. He was largely ineffective otherwise.

We said: Slowing down or getting in Michael Bumpus' face is a must. Bumpus is a talented receiver who caught 60 passes last season.

Accomplished. Bumpus had three receptions for 31 yards and one touchdown.

Ball Security

We said: If the Trojans play a turnover free game then they are almost guaranteed to be victorious at the Coliseum.

Done (mostly). The Trojans had one fumble (recovered) and two interceptions. Top Stories