Quoting Carroll - Monday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice on Monday to get his thoughts on C.J. Gable, Vincent Joseph, and more.

On Matt Spanos:

"He practiced today. He's out here and he's going see what he can do tomorrow. He felt no pain at all today and he was snapping with that funky bionic brace that he's got on there. It's a tremendous boost if we get him to come back and help us out."

On Cary Harris:

"He was out here practicing today. The trainers had to pull him off the field. He didn't have any damage that showed up on the MRI but obviously he is sore. He's got the perfect attitude. He's just not willing to accept it, so he's going to fight to get back out here. We will just take that one day at a time and see what happens."

On Vincent Joseph:

"He hasn't been officially cleared yet but he feels fine. He just has to get through the procedures with the doctor. He should be okay; we are counting on him playing."

On C.J. Gable's lack of playing time:

"He just didn't get the plays this week. It was no fault of his. I think we threw like nineteen of the first twenty-four or five plays in the game or something like that. So that going to take away from the running game a little bit. It had nothing to do with CJ….It's going to be like that some and the guys are going to have to maximize their shots when they get them. CJ's averaging 11 yards a carry. You know he's doing fine, he's off to a great start this season."

Pete Carroll on the practice week ahead:

"It's kind of exciting to be into the heart of the schedule were you come right back and here we go with Monday again and the week is under way. Last week it felt a little bit unusual and we had a great week for us. Now we need to come back and do it again and find this rhythm….I think it's really important for us to find consistency and see if we can maintain a high level of performance. We have to take care of the football better. That means both sides really getting after it and hanging on to it, not giving it up. So that's as big an emphasis as we have this week."


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