Quoting Carroll - Tuesday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice on Tuesday.

On Cary Harris and Brian Cushing's Injuries:

"Cary(Harris) ran around early in practice. He's going to see the doctor tonight and will get an evaluation of what's going on. He's going to tell them he feels good and he wants to play. Cushing is still pretty slowed up; it's going to be a bit of a haul to get him back this week."

On Vincent Joseph:

"Yeah, back in action he was fine today. He did tackling drills and everything. So he's back out here. It's important for him to be out here working and getting reps."

On the Linebackers role against Jake Locker:

"Well the linebackers across the board have a lot of stuff they are responsible for. What's going to happen in coverage is he's going to take off and run a number of times and they are going to be the first guys to get to him. Jake(Locker) does a nice job of finding guys when he's scrambling too. He's not just a runner when he takes off so you have to really hold onto your coverage and then wait until he attacks the line of scrimmage before you can get out and go get him. He poses a lot of problems for us."

On Kyle Moore's Two Interceptions this Season:

"He's really comfortable with what we are doing. He's had a lot of work with it. He's being such a big target out there. The ball he knocked down in the Nebraska game he was well under the receiver and they couldn't get the ball up over the top of him. The height and arm length that he has makes him a really difficult target out there. He's doing well. He has good sense, good feel for it."

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