Practice Report - Thursday

The injury situation has cleared itself up as the starters are set for Saturday's contest against the Washington Huskies.

Starting at Linebacker

Now that Thomas Williams will be starting at linebacker, he seems ready for the task. He has been practicing all week in anticipation of starting on Saturday.

Williams commented on his opportunity to start on Saturday, "I'm excited…being here in this situation for five years, you never know what could happen, I'm ready to play whatever position the team needs me to play."

On switching positions Williams said, "I'm a football player first. I don't look at myself as an inside linebacker or outside linebacker, I look at myself as a football player."

Speaking about quarterback Jake Locker, Williams observed, "He's big and strong, physical and also fast. You need to go in under control and be able to make a play."

O Canada!

On the sidelines Thursday was a high school football team from Canada. The Ross Shepherd Thunderbirds from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada were on hand to watch the Trojan football practice. The Canadians were thrilled to watch the USC practice and were well informed about the USC players and coaches. Many stopped off at the bookstore and wore USC shirts and caps.

The Thunderbirds are in town to play a game against the North Torrance High School Tartars. One of the Tartars better-known alumni is actor Chuck Norris.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The current crop of injuries means that Chris Galippo is done for the year and is eligible for redshirt. Thomas Williams will start for an injured Clay Matthews, who started for an injured Brian Cushing. Matt Spanos has been cleared to play and will back up Kristofer O'Dowd.

Practice Notes

Besides Matt Spanos who has been cleared to play, Martin Coleman was in uniform and competing in drills. During quarterback drills, Mark Sanchez was quite animated, catching tosses with one hand and flipping passes to wide receivers.

Mitch Mustain is a mobile quarterback and played the role of Jake Locker for the scout team this week. The defense has a fairly good gauge from chasing down Mustain all week.

The ever-energetic Pete Carroll was running down the field on kickoff coverage. Not to be considered low-key, he then tossed passes while drilling the defensive backs on pass coverage.

Weather Report

An updated weather forecast from shows showers and 54 degrees on the mercury for game time.

The team leaves for Seattle Friday afternoon. The USC Trojans take on the Washington Huskies Saturday, 5:00 p.m., PST on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. Top Stories