Manager Blog - Preparing for Washington

Student Manager Matthew Burkhard offers SCPlayBook readers a behind the scenes look at the USC Trojans.

It's been a long week of preparation for USC's student managers. Coming away from a blowout at the Coliseum, a lot of work has been put in for this weekends game at "Udub".

Thursday's practice went smoothly, and with the addition of a spray bottle full of water, we prepared for typical Washington conditions. During one of today's drills, the quarterbacks practiced throwing footballs soaked with water. This worked well (aside from a few ruined footballs) and the passing/receiving was great.

The quarterbacks picked a fresh batch of "peaches" for the game after practice, and we included a few more in case torrential storms pick up on Saturday's game.

Transport of the equipment was a completely different routine this week. Because the game is in Washington (not very far when compared to Nebraska), managers packed up all of USC's trunks onto the truck on Wednesday, and drivers began the long road trip to Washington late that afternoon.

If there is anything that can be done to make things easier for the team and managers, it usually gets done. This will be the mode of transportation for the majority of the season's away trips.

Seven managers will congregate at UW this weekend, three of which are flying out on their own. We get the opportunity to always be a part of the team even on away trips we are not assigned to. The more, the merrier, they say - it is encouraged that we make it out to every away game, but sometimes that isn't possible.

Those who are able to make it out are very enthusiastic about the competition on Saturday at yet another great stadium. They hope there will be an atmosphere that comes close to the intensity of Nebraska's, and only time and Husker devotion will tell that.

Planes depart Friday for Washington, and we look forward to the long weekend ahead. The helmets are looking spectacular and the locker room awaits manager arrival Friday night.

It is anticipated that ABC will be in our locker room during its set-up so try to not to miss that on Saturday. Tune in, check out the manager's hard work, the team putting in their best effort, and don't forget to Fight On! Top Stories