Quoting Carroll - Thursday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll after practice on Thursday to get his thoughts on Chris Galippo, Washington, and more.

On Chris Galippo's Season-Ending Injury:

"Galippo has to have surgery; he's going to be done. He is going to have surgery next week. He's got a disc issue and something is leaning on a nerve and it's too much of a problem There is no way to handle it other then to go ahead and operate….It happened three games in so he'll get a redshirt year."

On Playing Washington:

"We're looking forward to a really good match up. We think they are going to be crazed and nuts and the whole thing. We are going to try and withstand their energy and their excitement for the game and see if we can play a good football game."

On Taylor Mays Returning Home to Play the Huskies:

"It's different than a normal game for him in that regard for him and so Rocky (Seto) has been talking all week about it, dealing with it. But he's really excited to go home; his family and everybody is going to be there of course and the whole thing. It is a factor the main thing is you identify it and realize it and put it into proper perspective and just have fun with it."

On the Return of Matt Spanos:

"Matt (Spanos) is ready to play. We are surprised by his recovery but we are really thrilled for him and for the depth that he brings. The experience of playing a number of positions will really help us and we will try and not load him up with too many plays for a while. But we would like to play him in the game so we can start to evaluate how he is doing and see how it all fits together in a couple weeks from now."

On Possibly Playing in the Rain:

"We are expecting a little bit of weather up there and the quarterbacks threw around a wet ball today at times. We played in the rain last week so I think we are ready for that and we are looking forward to it."

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