Matt Reese update

One player on the rise to look out for is Matt Reese, out of Bakersfield Centennial. At 6'8 and 320 pounds, he is easily of the biggest offensive line prospects in the state, and although he does possess such great size, it's actually the weight that he lost in recent months that has caught the eye of most onlookers, including college coaches.

Through a tough off-season in the weight room and on the practice field, Reese, who weighed over 330 pounds at one time, came into this season trimmed down and in tremendous shape. In Centennial's first four games so far, the difference has been noticeable as he has appeared quicker and more dominant than he was during his junior season. In discussing his play, Reese explained, "They say big linemen are a dime a dozen, but big, lean linemen who can move and are quick on their feet, you don't find that often. That's kind of what I am. I've still got some baby fat, but that'll come off in due time. Most guys neglect the mid-section of the body, the abs and lower back. I hit that up pretty hard this summer. My stamina isjust so much better."

With Reese's strong start and improved build, you can expect to see his recruitment heat up and he's been getting calls from some big time programs, "USC, Fresno, University of Oregon, and Washington State have all called lately," he said. "My top 5 right now would be USC, University of Oregon, University of Colorado, Washington State, and Fresno." Fresno State has offered out of that group. Reese hasn't scheduled any official visits yet, but plans to do so in the near future although he isn't sure of what schools he might visit.

Reese is also a strong student and academics will play a role in his decision, in addition to a few other factors, "First does the school have the education system I need? I'm looking into the field of biological studies, maybe bio-chem. Of course, do they have a good football program? Then, is there a good atmosphere? What's the mentality of the players, and, where it's located, but that's not going to be too big of a factor. It's not going to kill me if I live far from home or close."

Of interest to Trojan fans is the fact that Reese has had USC atop his list of favorites for sometime now, "Well, they've got a phenomenal program," he explained. "They're a real powerhouse. I like schools like that, with the tradition they have. When I went to the Auburn game, I was awestruck. It was just phenomenal." One other big draw is the Trojan coaches, with whom Reese has become pretty familiar with, "I've been down to a couple of camps down there. The offensive line coach, Tim Davis, that was my offensive line coach, that was his coach when he was in college. So, I kind of know him already. I love the coaching staff down at SC. They're good guys and they know what they're doing, and I can relate to them. I can sit down with them and talk football."

As of right now, Reese doesn't plan on ending the recruiting process and committing early anywhere, but that could change, "I do want to go through the whole thing and wait for signing day, and take all of my trips, but you know, stuff happens," he said. "You really can't predict the future, so I might commit early or I might not, but the plans are not to commit early right now." Top Stories