Notes From the Locker Room

Clay DeLeon caught up with John David Booty and Matt Spanos to discuss USC's victory over the University of Washington.

John David Booty explained the offense's struggle to get in synch for this game. "At times it was raining and the ball was a little wet. That really had nothing to do with it. We had chances and didn't make it."

Booty explained his thoughts on the two interceptions he threw, "The first (interception) sailed on me, the safety was sitting right there to make the play. The second one Stanley kind of tripped and I put it on his back shoulder, and you know, it's a pick six."

He continued, "I felt kind of good mentally. It was a week of upsets, fortunately we didn't (lose). The defense held up their end. Offensively we weren't clicking, earlier on, we lost two offensive linemen on the same play, believe it or not. Those can be big losses, on the road and it's loud. Spanos came in there and did a great job at center. He's got a brace on his arm. He's restricted to some (degree)."

Finally Booty concluded, "We knew things weren't going our way, we weren't playing the way we are capable of playing. That's just the way it goes."

Early in the game, starting center, Kristofer O'Dowd suffered a knee injury which will keep him out of the lineup in the near future. Matt Spanos, in his first week back from a triceps injury which kept him out all season was called on to play center.

When questioning Matt Spanos on his fumbled first snap, he said, "That was an accident. The hinge on my elbow brace caught the hinge on my knee brace, it was just an accident, not Booty's fault, I take full blame for that."

How did Spanos feel after playing most of the game? "I feel mentally exhausted right now. I feel great, we got the win. You can't be unhappy about coming out with a "W." We should have had a lot better game with less penalties. I still think we could have done a lot better."

What was his expectations for playing time? "I hoped to play 3rd and 4th quarter, I had no idea."

Did he feel it was hard to find a rhythm tonight? "Not really, we practice so hard and we prepare so well that if we have to interchange guys we try to make it, so we don't skip a beat at all."

Finally, Spanos said, "I messed up after that first snap, but after that we found a good rhythm. We have to focus on the mental part and no more penalties like that. The crowd was pretty loud, they certainly weren't shy. We just have go out and minimize the mental mistakes next time around." Top Stories