Quoting Carroll - Washington Postgame

Coach Carroll was distressed with the miscues, penalties and loss of focus during the Washington Huskies match this weekend. The following is some of his post game comments.

Barely Escaping With a Victory

"We were very fortunate to get a win. I thought Washington was there to take advantage of our night and they just about got it done. We just couldn't do more things wrong in the game, I think there was close to 200 yards in penalties, we turned the ball over three times, got a punt blocked. Just wouldn't get out of our own way. "

"I think it's classic - 450 yards and 200 (in penalties), it's a classic game where you can just mess it up and give away a night. Again I thought Washington was there for it. They were there to take it. All they needed was one more chance."

Finding a Way to Win

"On this night also, we overcame all of that. I feel grateful to have this win under the circumstances of all of the things that happened. A lot of teams lost tonight and I don't know (if it was) in similar fashion, but they got beat. We almost beat ourselves tonight, well we tried really hard."

"The contrast between last week's game and this week's game is crazy with all of the problems that we had."

"So, thankfully we were able to find a way to win. It was kind of "beat the clock." And let's get out-as soon as we can. Because we were so horrid that it was hard to watch even. I'm sure you felt the same."

"Anyway, it's a win and we're fortunate to get out of here."

About the Injuries Sustained in the Game

"We really got hammered tonight. Two offensive linemen got hurt. Chilo Rachal got a knee sprain and Kristofer O'Dowd got a dislocated patella. Pulled a hamstring on Shareece (Wright) and Stafon Johnson got stepped on. You know, just a number of things. It was just a night that was really, really hard on us."

"So we're fortunate to get out of here, go back to work and clean it up. We can't play like that. If we do then we'll just be a normal team like a lot of other teams and get beat. So our guys understand that, you got to play like crazy every week and you got to get out there and do the right things. This is a classic example of how you can go in the other direction and almost lose the football game."

Miscues and Penalties

"The lack of continuity at the line of scrimmage which was real obvious, as well as all the major, we had a lot of problems, we had four procedure penalties at the line of scrimmage, we had the hit out on the sidelines, I thought he was still in-bounds. We had the loose ball underneath the receiver, on a ball that might have been a lateral behind the line of scrimmage, Kevin's (Ellison) going for the ball and we get penalized for a "helmet-to-helmet" contact, which I guess happened."

"You know just stuff happened, the pass interferences. They did a great job, they didn't do any of those things. none of that stuff happened on the other side. We were at fault totally and we have to clean it up. I don't have an explanation (for all of that)."

"We were so fired up we were getting penalties on ourselves for hitting too much. And getting after guys, I think we hit the quarterback late once. We did a little bit of everything - every penalty in the history of football might have been called tonight. We even got to see - they even got a penalty for crossing the line of scrimmage, illegal forward pass and they lose the football, I don't remember that ever happening. Tonight was everything you'd want to see in the world of officiating."

Matt Spanos Saves the Day - Offensive Line Woes

"What a blessing Spanos was available to us and he got a chance to play. He had to play a whole football game almost. I don't know how he feels but it was a remarkable return for him. The fumbled snap, he caught his elbow brace on his knee brace, so he had to take off his knee brace so he could snap the ball."

"It was a terrible night, a horrible night, how we respond is what's important. This one is done. It's what we do about it. I think we'll come right back and start playing good ball again. Get everything going the way we want to. This might be the Oregon State game of last year, I don't know."

"Matt Spanos was our starting center going into the season and he finished the football game. Kristofer is going to be down for a bit. We're fortunate that happened with Spanos' return. We fortunate it happened in a timely fashion for us."

"We'll see what happens at the guard spot - Chilo - we don't we need to find out what happened to Chilo. We don't know yet but he's pretty sore."

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