Quoting Carroll - Monday's Practice

Pete Carroll discussed the Trojans' growing injury concerns on Monday after practice.

Pete Carroll on the week ahead:

"Well we are back at it, it's important for us to get back out here. We want to get back to work and clean up a bunch of stuff that none of us liked in that game last week. We are going to try and turn this thing right around, come right back and flip all of those penalties out of here and play really good sharp football and play more like the team we know ourselves to be.

So we look forward to this week, I think guys are ready to come back home and get ready for another game plan. We have some little adjustments to make with some guys that are banged up. So it will be really important for the guys that are stepping in to really grab hold of the game plan."

Pete Carroll on Kristofer O'Dowd's pending surgery:

"He has a little chip behind his knee cap that they are going to pluck out of there arthroscopically. They don't think it's going to delay his recovery at all. But it might allow him to be firmly back if they don't, they don't know what will happen with the chip in there. They are hoping three weeks."

Pete Carroll on Cary Harris' injury status:

"He practiced today. He ran around great and looked good. He is real anxious to get back. He's got some strength tests that he has to get through to prove that he's okay. He will see the doctors tomorrow night and see what they say. He is way ahead of the normal schedule."

Pete Carroll on Travon Patterson's season-ending foot surgery:

"Travon Patterson is going to get his foot worked on. He's got a loose body that we want to get out of there so he's going to wind up missing the rest of the season. He got hurt unfortunately in camp. To a speed guy like that the thing just wont get better. He can feel it anytime he has to plant on it and you can tell when he is really gearing up to go full speed, he just can't get it done. He's trying, but it just not right so we got to fix it."

Pete Carroll On the play of Desmond Reed:

"I thought he did really well, everything we have asked Desmond to do he has handled well. He's got a role right now and he is trying to expand it. I like the way he is playing for us."

Pete Carroll on the Brian Cushing's injury status:

"He feels way better but we got to see the doctor tomorrow night again and see where he is. We have to get him back. You know we can't allow him to come back too early this time.

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