Quoting Carroll - Tuesday Practice

SCPLayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after practice on Tuesday.

Pete Carroll on Stanford QB Tavita Pritchard:

"We found his plays against San Jose St. and took a look at them to make sure we knew what he looks like. He's got some games from last year that we've got to start finding film on. He's a real good athlete. They run with him, they like him on the move. Obviously in the plays we saw that was how they used him as part of their offense."

Pete Carroll on Travon Patterson's surgery:

"He is going to get his foot operated on. This problem has been nagging on him all camp. He has to get operated on eventually anyway and he can't run right now. He's trying. He came and tried. He had about two weeks of trying to get back."

Pete Carroll on the status of Stafon Johnson:

"He's not moving around real well today. We are just going to go day to day on this thing. If he can play, he's playing. I don't think the doctors will be able to know today. It's a real bad bruise situation so maybe it responds in a couple days."

Pete Carroll on Allen Bradford:

"He did good, he did well today. He looked good out here. On nine-on-seven he popped one and he has had a good camp. He has done well when he has had his chances. You have seen us use him in games already so he is ready to go."

Pete Carroll on the health of Cary Harris:

"He practiced today. He got some work done again. He has to get cleared. He's not cleared to play yet but he is cleared to practice with no contact."

Pete Carroll on which running backs are best at pass protection:

"By far Desmond(Reed) and Hershel(Dennis) and Chauncey(Washington) in that order and the younger guys fall in after that. It's just experience for the most part. It takes a long time not only to know how to do the blocking technique but also who to block."

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