Defense Rules on Competition Tuesday

Competition Tuesday always brings out a little extra from the USC Trojans, and on this day, it was the defense that left the field smiling.

Competition Tuesday Rears its Ugly Head

It was time for Competition Tuesday again, and a few hard hits were made on the field. The defense was the aggressor on this day. Patrick Turner was on the receiving end of hits by Taylor Mays and Luther Brown. Kevin Ellison slammed Fred Davis. Rey Maualuga got up slowly from one collision. 

Maybe because of frustration over last week's poor showing, or the team just gearing up for the next game, there were a few more hard hits on the practice field than usual.

Business As Usual

Special Teams practiced punt and punt coverage, with Greg Woidneck punting away while Desmond Reed and Joe McKnight fielded the ball downfield. The field goal unit was successful on attempts from the 22.5, 27.5, 27.5 yard lines. They were unsuccessful on an extra point kick and an attempt from the 22.5 yard line.


John David Booty threw short passes to Patrick Turner, Fred Davis, Allen Bradford and Vidal Hazelton. Mark Sanchez threw to Hershel Dennis, Stanley Havili, Joe McKnight, Turner and Brad Walker.

11's - Defense Shines

First team offense took on the first defense and the second teams matched up on each other. Clay Matthews got in some work, while Thomas Williams continued to take on the bulk of the snaps at the strongside linebacker position. Stanley Havili, Desmond Reed, Turner and Davis all caught passes. Chauncey Washington, Dennis, Bradford, Reed, McKnight had some carries.

Defensively, the Trojans were on cue. At one point, Sanchez was sacked on three consecutive plays. Booty was sacked once. The secondary also had a few batted passes and forced incompletions.

Stanford Game Coming Up Quickly

This week's game from the Coliseum will be televised only on Versus TV, Saturday, 4:00 p.m. Top Stories