Quoting Carroll - C.J. Gable

SCPlayBook's Clay DeLeon catches up with Trojan Head Coach Pete Carroll as he comments on C.J. Gable and other injured Trojans.

C.J. Gable Will Undergo Surgery

"We've been talking about this since last week, just gave the factors all involved time to process, doctors, mom, C.J. and our situation and all of that and it all comes down to he needs to get ‘fixed-up,'he's not right. He's done everything he can do and it won't go away. So to wait another week or two weeks or three, it's going to get better – it's not happening.

In this case, we can hopefully save his season and get his year back and get him well and get him back to a hundred percent. He played really well anyway, so we understand that. We love the way he's competed and we're going to count on him to do a lot of great things for a very long time."

Did He Have to Be Convinced?

"No, not at all. We just talked about it. It's kind of like the ‘unspoken topic,' he was afraid to talk about it. He kept saying he's okay, he's okay, but trainers knew that he wasn't and we could see that he was dealing with it. So it got down to the time where we had to make a decision one way or the other, so we started talking about it.

He had already talked to the trainers before we even sat down at the table to talk about it. He admitted it, ‘hey, I'm not right and I wish I could be and I hate not playing.' But this guy is a warrior and competitor, he's not going to step away without regretting he's not going to the stadium this weekend. But, it's the sensible, right thing to do. And his mom's behind it. So we're going to support him and do it and get him fixed up."

Timetable for Gable's Recovery

"It takes at least five to six weeks to do nothing, after that you start rehabilitation. It's really about eight weeks before you can start going again. Sometimes it's sooner, most of the time that's the minimum. He'll be back for Spring Football. That's the whole idea, so he can be real competitive and pick up where he's left off."

Did His Performance Make You Hesitate on Making the Decision?

"Sure, yeah it did, he's averaged 11 yards a carry, and here's Stafon (Johnson), he's banged up and not ready to go this weekend (maybe) and all of that. But it's the right thing for C.J. for the long haul so, it'll work out. It'll work out fine. Once you're resigned to the fact that he's hurt and he's not getting well. It's not a hard decision for us, except that he'd love to be playing."

Did the Doctors Know Last Week?

"They've known for a year. Remember that he missed all of our off-season training, he was in rehab the whole time and not until the first day of camp did he return. Because he just couldn't stand the rigors of the workouts, he just couldn't respond. He tried, you know he'd do anything we asked of him. With the limited amount of reps it was working out okay. He wasn't getting worse, but he couldn't get it right. We rested him as much as you can rest someone."

Why Didn't Mozique McCurtis Practice?

"He's got an old knee (problem) from the old days that got a little bit worn. So we just rest him. We've had to do that, when he gets a lot of activity, a couple times, that's happened, we have to rest him during the week. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just an old knee (irritation)."

Has Cary Harris Been Cleared?

"He's been cleared to practice. We're going to get him through the week without banging on it and we'll re-evaluate on the weekend. But he's been cleared to practice without hitting anyone. He's got some work done. That's a very vague answer, do you want to know if he's going to play or not? I don't know the answer to that. We'll get him through tomorrow and get him through to game day."

"He feels pretty good and he's dying to play. He's committed to getting ready to play, but they don't want him to bang on it at all for as long as he can possibly wait. As far as I'm concerned, he's not cleared for the game yet, but he's cleared to practice. At the end of the week we'll see how it all fits together. Mozique will be ready to start (in his place)."

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