Quoting Carroll - Thursday Practice

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after practice on Thursday.

Pete Carroll on Thursday's Practice:

"Practice went real well. We had a real good tempo today. Probably one of the better Thursday's of just speed and getting through practice. Everybody was working real hard and the effort and energy was good. It's good to be home. Guys like being here at the Coliseum and knowing that we are preparing to go there. We have had a very successful week I think but we won't know until we go out and play."

Pete Carroll on Cary Harris :

"He looked good. He practiced and banged guys around today and he had a very good week of practice. He did everything successful that he was allowed to do so we will have to see. I am counting on him dressing and playing. I don't see any reason why he can't but I got to get one more okay from the doctors before that happens."

Pete Carroll on Stafon Johnson's injury status:

"He jogged around a little bit today and his foot got much better from yesterday to today. I wouldn't rule him out at all, we don't know that yet. We will see how he goes but it's not a serious injury kind of situation that we are preventing here. He has a sore foot and when he can handle it he can play. So we will see where he is."

Pete Carroll on the linebacker situation:

"Clay Mathews is back to full speed now. He will be able to play in this game. He had a very good week and so he and Thomas (Williams) will share time there at that spot. Thomas will start but Clay will play in this game, throughout all the special teams as well. That's a good boost for us. He wasn't able to go last week like he normally does and you could feel the difference."

Pete Carroll on who will start at right guard:

"Both guys will play. Zach (Heberer) had a good week. Tiny (Malu) missed some of the week. We had to rest him a little bit because he had this hamstring thing that was bothering him. He did get work though. We need to get a consensus on

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