Booty, Jackson Comment on Stanford

SCPlayBook's Kevin Carden caught up with John David Booty and Lawrence Jackson after USC dropped its first game of the year to Stanford.

Booty on the problems with the deep passing game

"It has a lot to do with coverages. Different looks we get from different teams, with safeties on top for help…it's just not easy to do."

Booty on his interceptions

"This is just the second week in a row that I had some bad balls. I felt some pressure from their defense during the game and at the end had some urgency and forced some things. Now we have to put it behind us."

Booty on the booing at halftime

"That's football. Expectations here are higher than anywhere else. Heck, inside I was booing too. If you don't meet those expectations, you are going to get booed."

USC DE Lawrence Jackson

Jackson on what the loss means

"Our seasons not over. There is nothing we can do about what just happened. It is in the past. Now we need to band together and get back on the right track. This loss is not devastating. We are still a good team with great coaches, even though we walked out of here tonight with a loss. We need to find character and bounce back."

Jackson on the streak

"We've lost before, no one is perfect. We don't get caught up with streaks, that's the media. We just have to come out and play."

Jackson on why he thinks they lost

"There is not one guy who is to blame tonight. The defense could have won this game tonight. If we give up one point, that is on us."

Jackson on what Stanford did to win tonight

"They didn't have to anything special. This is about us. Anyone could have been at quarterback. We didn't execute tonight."

Jackson on if this knocks USC back in the rankings

"It is not over. We still have seven games left. You can count us out if you want, but we lost in '03 and got back. We do not worry about top 10's in October. Those top 10's only count at the end of the season." Top Stories