Keys to Beating Stanford: Revisited

USC suffered a devastating loss to Stanford this Saturday. We revisit the "Keys to the Game" in this review.

Don't Look Past the Opponent

We said: "One challenge facing the Trojans this weekend is overlooking the Stanford Cardinal."

The players and coaches say the things that mean they did not overlook Stanford. But they have stuck to the company line, "It's all about us, how we execute and how we play." That is the USC philosophy under Pete Carroll, every opponent is the same, USC needs to execute. Clearly, USC did not execute. Did they also overlook Stanford?

Recovering from Washington

We said: "The Trojans need to "right the ship" and not be lulled into another game plagued with miscues, penalties and injuries."

The Trojans failed miserably, the game started off with a couple penalties and went downhill from there.

Redeeming Booty's Role

We said: John David Booty needs to get his bearings back and steer the Trojans to a more well executed game.

Another miserable failure. Booty had four interceptions and the Trojans had 5 turnovers.

Offensive Line Remix

We said: "The line needs to limit the penalties and return to solid blocking shown previously."

On first look, it would appear that the blocking game has not returned to the level achieved when Kristofer O'Dowd and Chilo Rachal was on the line.

Running Back Continuity

We said: "Washington needs to continue his strong running. A second back needs to fill the void left by Johnson and Gable's injuries."

Yet another failure by the Trojans. Washington netted 75 yards. No other back filled the void left by Stafon Johnson and C.J. Gable's inability to play due to injuries.


The Trojans failed on every key to the game. Can they pick up the pieces and return to the hunt for the BCS Championship Series? Stay tuned. Top Stories