One on One with Coach Carroll

SCPlayBook's Clay DeLeon goes one on one with USC Trojan Head Coach Pete Carroll, as he discusses the shocking loss to Stanford and where the Trojans go from here.

Pete Carroll explained the problems facing the Trojans and coaching staff. Two days removed from the loss to the Stanford Cardinal, Carroll was introspective about some of the challenges facing the football team as they try to get back on track.

Fixing the Problems

Throughout the day, Carroll repeated the need to take care of the football. USC turned the ball over five times against the Cardinal with four interceptions and a fumble. Carroll explained, "The most obvious of all issues is when you turn the ball over you can't win. That's been such a strength of ours for so long it's really shocked me that we're so far off right now."

He continued, "So we have to regain the mentality and the consciousness it takes to take care of the ball. And that's for everybody. That's the biggest issue that I'm hammering and that's the one that needs to come through."

Becoming Focused as a Team

In 2007, the Trojans have at times seemed to lose concentration on the football field. Carroll said, "We're always driving to maintain focus. You never have it forever. You have it and it comes and goes. It's based on preparation, intent and the process."

Furthermore, he said. "We're trying to maximize that every chance we get. We're not performing at our best, obviously, so we have to find different ways and play the guys who are most tuned in."

Internalizing the Errors and Miscues

In what way does Pete Carroll deal with the issues the team is facing? He said, "I take all of this internally, I accept responsibility, it's my job. If I can't orchestrate team focus then I have to find another way, so that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to make sure that I'm maximizing the things that I'm saying, the objectives of each day and make sure we are right on point so we can get the kind of performance we are capable of having."

On the Wildcats Visit to Los Angeles this Weekend

How will the team respond to its recent loss? Are the Arizona Wildcats in trouble, having to face this team right now? Said Carroll, "Right now the Trojans are a little bit in trouble on this practice field until we get it right. They (Wildcats) are a nice team, they are ready to explode. They've worked very hard during the off-season and they have a lot of good players."

Carroll continued, "We better get our game right. They are a very dangerous team for us. We need to get things in order in our house first. We can't really worry about (them)."

The Mood of Monday's Practice

Characterizing the team's mood on the first day of practice this week, Carroll reflected, "I think there was an edge to it and that's the way it should be. We had disappointment over the weekend but we need to let that go."

In conclusion, Carroll said, "We worked real well, they're a little quiet, I think that's a good sign, they're showing it means something to them and they want to do something about it." Top Stories