Mark Sanchez Ready to Start

Clay DeLeon of SCPlayBook caught up with quarterback Mark Sanchez and got his thoughts on what could be his first career start.

On Starting His First Game

An excited Mark Sanchez explained the possibility of starting this Saturday, "I'll be fine; I'll be ready to go. I'll take the first couple snaps and play like I always have. I haven't been named the starter. He'll (Pete Carroll) will name the starter one of these days so I won't worry about it."

Confidence Level

"Yesterday was a good first Tuesday. Tuesdays are always tough, adding new plays, I think it's a strong gameplan. We're excited about this week, so I feel real comfortable."

Mood of the Team After Two Down Games

"We've put those two games in their place on Monday. Until other people bring it up outside of our team, we haven't really thought about it. We really focus on Arizona. We made a really made a concerted effort as a group to bring things up, leave them where they've been, and make some headway this week."

Arizona Defense

"We know they're a great defense. Mike Stoops is an awesome defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. He did well at Oklahoma; he's doing well at Arizona.

We're excited about this this match-up, and we know it's going to be a challenge for our offense. They're a great defense with Cason and guys like that. They're good players, good athletes, and they have a great scheme. It's a good combination for them, and it's going to be a challenge."

How Was Wednesday's Practice

"It went pretty well, high spirited practice, lot of energy. I think I managed the offense pretty well. We converted on a lot of 3rd downs that we worked on today. It was good for us to see and good for us to experience. We'll watch it on film and learn from there…"

Are You Playing Like a Starter?

"I feel like that a little bit. I feel I've taken this opportunity today. Tuesdays are always the toughest day of practice. So I knew today would be better. I felt comfortable with the guys, had a little more chemistry today, and it's only going to get better."

Pete Carroll Characterizes Him as a Gunslinger

"I am not sure that I am more willing (to take chances) or that I just show that I am. It's just a part of me, and I love throwing the ball. In high school we got to throw the ball all over the yard and it was great. More than anything I just need to manage the offense here and check the ball down if I have to and play this game that I know how to play." Top Stories