Manager's Blog - The Week After

Like the shot heard 'round the world,' a new sound rang in the heads of the USC football managers after Saturday's game - but finishing our duties of unpacking all of the gear back home in the locker room represented a new beginning for us as well.

Monday's no-pads practice was about business. It was a quiet energy that was shared as managers flew around, perhaps faster than ever before. This week was a new start for the team, and quick, efficient rhythm has been achieved all week by the managers as well.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the longer days for practice each week, and this week they seem to have passed quickly as well. Its Thursday already and we're getting ready to take back our home field.

The managers have been putting extra effort in all week to make sure things go smoothly for coaches and players, and so far we have done our job. We are looking forward to Saturday at the Coliseum when we will attempt to break the record we set last week for a speedy locker-room and field set-up.

The veteran managers are also looking forward to the continuation of an age-old tradition this Saturday. It was termed "the breakfast of champions" by our head manager Randall Green, and involves the collaboration of all 8 of the rookie managers. Through careful planning and coordination, the rookies will be supplying a hearty breakfast for the managers and support staff present at Saturday's locker room set-up. Make sure to wish them luck!

All in all, we are excited to keep going and are more encouraged than anything now that we are past a few rough games. We stand by our team and will continue to do our best so that they can do their best too. All that's changed for us is an increased focus and bigger appetite.

Can't wait for Saturday. Top Stories