Thursday Practice Notes

Thursday's practice was lively as Mark Sanchez officially took control of the offense. It was announced that Sanchez will be the starter for the Trojans on Saturday.

Matt Spanos on Mark Sanchez

"He ran Spring Ball when John David Booty had surgery (in 2006). He ran all of Spring Ball, so I've worked center with him, and I've worked with him throughout the year. I've worked with him before."

"I ran a bunch of plays today. I'll definitely be playing."

Stafon Johnson on His Availability for Saturday

"It's really not up to me right now; it's up to the coaches. Whenever they need to call on me, I'll just be right there ready for whatever they want me to do."

"I can feel it, of course, you're going to feel it, just dealing with it, dealing with the pain, just being a warrior. As of right now, it's not up to me; the coaches will make a game time decision. I can play, if it came right down to it, but it's not up to me."

"It's bearable. I did service team running around, as if I was going to play. The doctors said if I can run full speed, I can play. I haven't run full speed yet, so we'll see."

"It's a foot sprain, tarsal-metatarsal foot sprain. It was a contusion plus a sprain. Underneath was a sprain and on top was a bruise. Once we got the bruise out, we could find out what it was. It's my left foot. I got twisted up; it was stepped on, rolled."

"People get hurt and people get healed. Just get healthy, at all cost. It just shows the strength of out team. Other guys can step up."

"It's hard, very hard, very hard, not being able to compete, and being a role player, and not being able to contribute to the victories. Even in the loss, I wasn't able to contribute, and it hurt me more than if I was playing."

On his chances for playing – "50-50 chance, it's up to Coach Carroll. It's a game time decision. If you need me, I'm here. If not, I'm still here. Helping the young guys out with plays and different reads I see from the sideline. Things of that nature, and just go from there."

"I did a few plays (today), to see what I can do, it felt pretty good. I did some plays to kind of figure out where I'm at. I can't run straight. I can stop, plant a foot, but I can't run straight. The bruise is gone, now I just have to worry about the sprain."

Short Practice Notes

Mark Sanchez continued his improved play at quarterback, leading the offense in an excited and emotional manner. His accuracy has improved daily as his confidence level increases. Chauncey Washington practiced hard at tailback but Hershel Dennis and Allen Bradford got a lot of work in as well.

Stafon Johnson worked a little with the offense but spent most of the day with trainers.

Fred Davis continues to be a big target. Patrick Turner was the most visible wide receiver.

Matt Spanos took some center reps, but as in the first three days of practice, Jeff Byers did most of the snapping. Alex Parsons also got some work in.

Injured Players

Seen working with trainers: Broderick Green, Stafon Johnson, Shareece Wright, Brian Cushing, John David Booty, Jimmy Miller, Nick Howell, Chilo Rachal and Charles Brown. Kristofer O'Dowd and Chris Galippo were also on the sidelines.

Sideline Guests

Former players on the sidelines were: Pat Haden, Sam "Bam" Cunningham and Curtis Conway. A large contingent of "Parents Weekend Council" were also in attendance. Top Stories