Keys to the Game - Revisited

SCPlaybook's Clay de Leon reviews the "Keys to a Trojan Victory." The USC Trojans defeated the University of Arizona Wildcats at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The victory was a gut-check win for the Men of Troy.



We said: "The most important aspect for Sanchez to be aware of is to manage the team and try not to do anything spectacular or special. If he plays under control and doesn't commit turnovers, Sanchez will lead the Trojans to victory."

After a shaky start – Sanchez, who had two interceptions, settled down and led the Trojans to victory. Sanchez was 19-31, 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown.

Mission: Accomplished

Offensive Line

We said: "The offensive line has been riddled with injury this season…The line must protect the quarterback and create holes for the tailbacks to run through."

Amazingly, the offensive line suffered more injuries, this time to Sam Baker and Zack Heberer, yet were able to protect the quarterback and open holes for the tailbacks.

Mission: Accomplished

Running Backs

We said: "It will be important for Washington and the contingent of running backs available for this game to establish a strong running presence. Hershel Dennis and Allen Bradford should get carries in this game."

The running game played its part in securing a Trojan victory. Joe McKnight had 13 carries for 75 yards and Chauncey Washington had 17 carries for 54 yards. The emergence of Joe McKnight keyed this Trojan win.

Mission: Accomplished


We said: "USC has had a poor turnover margin of late and had five turnovers to one take-away against Stanford…This ratio has to improve…emphasis then is to take care of the ball on offense and create turnovers on defense."

USC (Sanchez) was intercepted twice. Arizona lost the ball on 3 fumbles. The take-away margin was better for USC this week but still must be improved upon.

Mission: Adequate, but needs improvement

Wide Receivers

We said: "The receivers have yet to put on a dominating pass reception game…Turner needs to catch balls thrown his way more consistently. A second receiver has to step up to the plate as well."

Mission: Not accomplished, the wide receiver corps needs to improve. Top Stories